YouTube Studio: How to Schedule Videos on YouTube From Mobile or PC?

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YouTube has become the main platform for viewing, programming and uploading videos online, it is used by many people to publicize their products and services. But we do not always have the time available to program and upload a video to youtube how often It required. So one strategy you can use is schedule video post time.

If you are one of those use social media to post and advertise your commercial, educational or simple entertainment services. You may find this function useful, which can currently be done from the YouTube platform without the need to use social network managers.

How to upload a video to YouTube and schedule it to post later?

Before you begin, you must remember that the upload videos to the platform and making them public entails a series of responsibilities. Among which the copyright stands out, so users could report a YouTube video or channel if the usage policies are compromised. With this in mind, let’s get started.


The first thing we must do is of course create or open a YouTube channel, something that you will surely have already done. We will open the application on the PC or mobile and we will access our profile image located at the top right of the screen. There we will see the options menu and within it the option to enter our channel.

We enter it and locate the video camera icon with the + sign on it, located in the upper right part of the screen. Clicking on it will show three options, we select the one to upload videoOnce this is done, we enter another window where the publication will be uploaded and configured.

When we are in the video upload window we will press the button to select a file, the window to explore the files on the device will be displayed. We look for the location where we save the video to upload and we select it, then we press open, then we hope that it loads in the channel.

We will wait for the video to load, which depends on the duration, quality and weight of the file, once finished we will proceed to configure it. we start placing the title, after loading the video is presented with a default title. If you want to change it, you just have to remove the one you have and place the new one.

You can too add a short description of the video, you can also add thumbnails, in this case you must select the upload thumbnails icon. The file browser will open again from where you can upload an image that you already have stored, select it and click on open.

Once you complete this, we look for the following option, located at the bottom right of the screen, by marking it we enter a new window called monetization. Here we do not modify anything, we press the next option, now we will see the video elements window. Here you will find options that you can modify, but in our case we will leave it the same and continue to the next window.

schedule video on youtube channel

This will be the visibility, in it we will find the programming option, selecting it will open a box with various date and time options. It is precisely here where we will establish the day, month, and hour. However, it is recommended not to make very extensive programming, you can also set it as a premiere, to finish. We press the program button. Once you have scheduled the date and time for the publication of the video, YouTube will notify your followers of the premiere. Adding a clock that will mark how long until the video is released and can be seen.

Steps to edit the publication time of a video

If you’ve already scheduled a video to post but want to change the time, YouTube lets you esay the schedule. To edit the time, you must open the YouTube application and look for the menu, when selecting it you must click on content.

This section will show all the videos that have been uploaded to the channel and those that are scheduled to be uploaded. So you must choose the one that is scheduled to be released soon and that you want to change the publication time. When selecting the video,the publishing options will appear where you must modify the time that you had indicated by the new one.

When you are changing the post time of a video, the visibility of the video must be estar in private. Later, you can change the time and to save the change you must click on the schedule button. At the end of the process, you should change the visibility back to public so that people can see it.

Can I schedule a Live on YouTube? – How to do it?

YouTube Studio, yes allows you to schedule live videos you want to stream on a specific day or time. To do so, you must select YouTube Creator that is located in the icon where our profile picture appears. This will display a window where you must select live broadcast and then click on create live event.

Once you have selected the event you want to create, it will give you the option to add a title, date and time to the broadcast. Afterwards, you must modify in tissue ipo to custom, then you should go to advanced options and activate the automatic start.

When you have done all these steps, you can press create event so that the live is scheduled. From this moment you can add thumbnails or keys to further personalize the broadcast. At the end you must click on save changes and do not forget to write down the ID that YouTube create for video.

What third-party tools can I use to schedule videos on YouTube?

There are a large number of tools and applications that allow you to program the videos that are uploaded to YouTube. These tools also help increase quality of the videos and therefore helps to grow the channel and brings more visits.

These tools are of varied content since they help to improve images, edit videos or improve their audio. Others help put filters, keep accounts or generate marketing. Some examples of these Apps are Canva, Tubular, Patreon, Youtube creator, TubeBuddy, Social Blade, Hootsuite, Onlypult or Loopergram.

schedule youtube videos from tablet


Hootsuite is an application specialized in mobile marketing and social media management. This helps schedule and edit videos that are uploaded to YouTube and other social networks.
In addition, it is used to monitor all the activity on YouTube regarding a video, such as comments and reactions. Just as it handles generate the corresponding statistics and let you know how well or poorly the videos and the channel are working.


Loopergram is an application that focuses on content planning and scheduling which is uploaded to YouTube. Through this app you can manage and keep track of the workflow.
Loopergram automatically publishes content when the date and time schedule has been specified. This is used on YouTube for videos and streaming as well as eIt’s widely used on Instagram. What this app offers is great control of the account or channel in addition to daily analysis of the account and messaging service.

schedule videos


For its part, Onlypult also offers gcontent management and scheduling that you want to upload to a social network. Although this app is specialized for Instagram, many users and content creators have also adapted it to schedule and upload videos to YouTube.
With this app, you can select the specific day and time to upload a video to YouTube. As well as edit schedules in case of a last minute change.
Similarly, Onlypult allows you to leave comments on the videos and send messages to other users of any social network. And within the latest updates this application includes stracking and monitoring of accounts and channels to generate statistics.

Tips and advantages of making a scheduled publication on YouTube

Posting videos on YouTube on a scheduled basis generates expectations in our subscribers. But it is convenient to keep certain points in mind when programming. What check several times the date and time of publication, choose the time slot taking into account that the publications will be seen in different parts of the world. Try to choose one that suits most of your subscribers.

Be constant, it is something that always comes in handy in any network to maintain the audience. Try to establish a day and time to make your posts and that this becomes something regular. A) Yes your followers will know when to look for your next post. As advantages of making this type of publication, you will have more time to program the videos for YouTube, upload the videos, it favors monetization and allows you to modify the metadata, you will have more free time.

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